What Do You Do When You Don’t Get Better?

I wish I knew what to do if you don’t get better. One thing I know that you have to learn to accept when you get diagnosed with a chronic illness such as bipolar disorder is that you will never be completely well again. Sure you will go through periods of stability, some longer then others, but there is always a chance that you will lose your stability again.

I have been off my rocker for the last I don’t know how long. Seems like a year. Must be a few months by now. This time it has mostly presented as a shopping addiction. Today it was the last straw for my husband when I received a package of leggings from Victoria’s Secret. Lord knows I have plenty of leggings. I know why I ordered more but I don’t think I can make anyone else understand. Especially him.

We came to an agreement. I hope it works. Nothing else has. I understand why he is angry. I would be angry too in his shoes. Tired of being broke. Only broke because I keep on shopping. We will try again, what else is there to do?

I just don’t know. I hope this comes to an end soon. My patience is wearing thin.


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