Up All Night

It’s a terrible habit but a part of me really enjoys being up all night. Maybe that’s an inaccurate assessment of what happens because in actuality I do sleep off and on. However, for the majority of the night I am up doing “stuff.”

Stuff includes reading, watching television, messing around on the internet, drinking coffee, and sometimes even doing mindless housework tasks such as laundry.

Last night I attempted sleeping in bed like a normal person, I do this often. But as usual I was awakened around midnight. This time by a freakish nightmare that I do not care to recall. The downstairs beckoned to me. I love the comfort brought to me by turning on the lights, turning on the TV, making a pot of coffee, and hunkering down with a book.

I am currently reading Version Control by Dexter Palmer. I found this book by perusing the new book shelf at the library. I selected it because it was a science fiction novel set in the future and in general I enjoy these types of novels. I am enjoying the book more then I expected as it is really making me think about today’s society. It’s been awhile since I have read a book made me give any thought to how I live my life.

I am giving some consideration to reducing the amount of time I spend online. I have spent way too many vapid hours staring at a screen. I have already made some progress in this endeavor. For many years I visited a nameless chat room where it was advertised that one could receive support. It’s been obvious to me for a very long time that there was no support to be gleaned from most of the sort that visited the site, however, as you must know certain habits are  hard to break. I have decided to start my goal not to visit the chat room on a day to day basis. I hope that today is the first of many days in which I do not visit the chat room at all.

Okay so maybe I will still go online. I just think that I need to set some limits and have a daily routine where I spend less time on the computer. I am thinking this because I have recently gained a greater appreciation of Twitter. Especially due to finding my tribe on there #TheBloggessTribe.

This post kind of went random on me, sorry dear reader. I just really wanted to express myself tonight. I hope you are well. As for me, I am starting to feel better.


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