On Taking Your Meds

One of the most important things one can do to take control of their bipolar disorder is to take your medications as prescribed. I am reminded of the importance of this effort by another unnamed bipolar blog that I read regularly. With all of the downfalls that come from not taking your medications I don’t understand people who struggle with this concept. It is just so important. There is no base to work from if you don’t take your medications. I think it is the foundation of everything else when it comes to managing your bipolar disorder.

Of course I am very lucky when it comes to my psychiatrist. There are several medications that he has prescribed to me prn (as needed). For example, I take risperdal as needed for when I am suffering from mania. I decide when to start taking it, my psychiatrist tells me how much to take and eventually I decide when to stop taking it. I also take klonopin as needed for anxiety. A very small dose because my psychiatrist doesn’t trust me when it comes to anything that has even a slight indication for addiction. I usually take all of my prescribed amount at night to assist me with falling asleep. This med as a benzo can be very dangerous. My father in law is currently finding that even a small dose of a benzo of any kind causes him to go nuts. So tread with care.

I think something else that should be prescribed on a regular basis is a dog pile. This happens when you lure your dogs into a pile on the couch either next to you or on top of you. Proceed to relax for an indeterminate amount of time.

I guess in this post I should sate your curiosity and let you know exactly what medications I currently take. I am currently ramping up on buspar a medication for anxiety. I am currently taking 15mg a day and once I am done ramping up I will take 30mg a day (twice a day). I take 900mg extended release Lithium. 80mg of Geodon. 900mg of Trileptal. And 1.25 mg of Klonopin a day. All of these are taken around 9pm at night. I feel like I am forgetting something. Oh yeah 1.5 mg of Risperdal. This is a temporary medication for mania. I finally feel like I am calming down from a manic spell that lasted several months. The end result is a lot of debt. I did a lot of shopping over the last month especially.

I am so thankful to have lived through this manic spell without ending in the hospital or having a bad spell of depression. What a relief.  Like I said take your medications.


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