Midnight Ramblings


IMG_2059I like to be awake after midnight. At least I do when I am getting manic/hypomanic. This is part of being bipolar for me. I don’t mind it right now, however, after a few weeks of this it can get a little dangerous; especially if I don’t catch up with my sleep during the day. At least I am not participating in one of my favorite post midnight activities tonight: internet shopping. I must have charged $300 between last night and early today. Oops. Kewpie is not going to be happy.

Today was a hectic day. I was really exhausted because of no sleep last night. I tried constant movement to stay awake, and I might have taken a nap if it hadn’t been for one of my precious dogs running away. He is a runner and its not the first time he’s done it; but still, so very stressful! Someone ended up finding him. My husband didn’t answer his phone because he was in class so the girl/lady took poor Fez to the pound. We had to pay $50 to get him out. Earlier I had closed our savings account and transferred the 200 or so dollars into checking. after the overdraft charges that left us with about 100.

I had to work from 5pm to 8pm and it was the longest 3 hours possibly ever. I tried to stay busy but I still found myself falling asleep.

I was proud of myself for doing the dishes and doing laundry. Already there are more dishes to do and more laundry to complete. In fact, I am going to take a quick break and go put a load in the washer…

Okay, before we go any further I feel the need to warn you that there is no ultimate point to this post. I have decided to keep this blog as a sort of journal of my day to day experiences as a woman in her 30s experiencing the ups and downs of bipolar I disorder (with a nice side helping of psychotic features). Jenny Lawson may tell me to tell you that I am on antipsychotics. That seems to scare the faint of heart away. LOL. Of course Jenny wouldn’t tell me, she would just say something in general in one of her books, because unfortunately me and Jenny are not close friends as much as I would like to be.

My husband is what you would call a “normie.” He has not mental disorders other then a learning disorder: dyslexia. We plan on taking our 2 basset hounds with us on a 2-3 week road trip down the East Coast this summer. It’s going to be a blast. Of course I use this as a legitimate excuse to do some shopping. I do think there is some validity in him saying that if I keep charging all kinds of things on our credit card we won’t be able to afford the trip. So in respect for that I promise not to buy anything frivolous before my next paycheck. Girl Scouts Honor.

Well.. I originally started writing this post to tell you why I like staying up all night. I have no good reason. I guess I like the alone time. The time to do things, such as write a long rambling blog post. Thank you for reading. I might post again if I remember what this post was supposed to be about. Cheers.




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