Lately I have been super hypomanic. If you aren’t bipolar you probably don’t know what that means. What it means for me is that a) I don’t want to sleep and even with little sleep I feel fine, b) I become very social and outgoing although normally I am rather introverted and shy, c) I love to shop and I may or may not open new credit cards and go quite crazy, and d) sometimes I become super hypersexual and want to have loads of sex.

All of those currently apply except for d. For some reason I am not feeling hypersexual this time around. This is a good thing. My husband, C, does not care to have intercourse of any kind with me when I am any sort of manic. I guess because of the way I behave..somehow it makes him feel used. However I am shopping in full force. Let me tell you about what I bought today.

Since I am super social right now, I met my new friend Lisa for coffee. Last weekend I found out that Lisa also has bipolar. I think this is the most awesome coincidence ever. Now I have 2 bipolar friends irl and several online acquaintances. One friend is in her 40s and the other is in her 20s. Cool, cool, cool. We met at Starbucks and I had a small peppermint mocha. This was actually my second mocha of the day. I bought my first mocha at McDonald’s early in the afternoon.

Then we went to the casino. I got super lucky and between penny & nickel slots, $5 roulette and craps tables, I won a total of lucky number $69 and some change. I went to the gift shop to get something for my heartburn and walked away with Rolaids and a cute pet picture frame that said “Who Rescued Who.” I put a picture of my rescued dog Fez in it and its adorable. So by now between the coffee and the picture frame I spent around $20.

Currently I am doing what is becoming my usual online shopping after midnight. Today it is Victoria’s Secret. I am buying a small selection of fragrances, 2 lip glosses (one for me, and one for Lisa), and a $44 special of leggings and an oversized fleece. So cute! With taxes and shipping my order is costing close to $90. I think I might splurge and get 2 day shipping.\

I need to stop doing this. Somehow it.is.just.so.difficult.

What is one of your bad habits?


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